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Custom Sign Services: Leasing, Planning, Design, Coordination, Permitting, Manufacturing, Installation, Repair & Maintenance



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Planning, Design, Coordination

Success or failure is often determined on the drawing board. Lewis Sign Co, LLC will make sure that every necessary step is taken and that the plan takes into consideration everything unique to your project. Lewis Sign Co, LLC can help you write your sign criteria to ensure that every sign on your property meets your requirements.
Lewis Sign company has on staff arguably the best sign designer in the greater Hudson Valley. Our clients are consistently thrilled and awed by the designs that we create for their signs.
A lot of time and effort is required in coordinating all aspects of your project both with your resources and with with local governing agencies. From pulling permits to organizing installation, Lewis Sign Co, LLC has experience in seeing projects through from start to finish to make this is a smooth process.


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Permitting, Manufacturing, Installation

Permitting is one of the most challenging parts of the process for new signs. We have dedicated staff that handles the hundreds of permits we obtain every year. A daunting task that requires great patience and deep understanding of each municipalities zoning requirements.
We are most proud of the quality of the signs we manufacture. Integrity is the key word. We build signs that hold up and are easy to maintain. Our fabricator takes great personal pride in each and every sign. Our manufacturing shop is equipped with a computer controlled routing table, mig welders, table saws and all the skills and experience it takes to make a spectacular sign.
Proper installation is the key to a long life for your sign. And Lewis Sign Co, LLC is an expert at recommending the right mounting method and carrying out the installation plan to make sure that your sign stays put through any condition.

Maintenance, Repair, Leasing

Lewis Sign Co, LLC offers maintenance agreements to add to the life of your sign. Our personal knowledge of how your project means that we will know exactly what it takes to keep your sign at its best.
Lewis Sign Co, LLC offers a wide range of services to repair and refurbish your sign including electrical troubleshooting, refacing, sign removal & disposal.
Leasing Signs We can set up a lease for your new sign – Leasing has many advantages  Cash is not tied up in equipment. Instead, it is available for investments that will grow your business. By spreading out the expense affordably over time. Money isn’t needed from your current credit lines and since a lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability, it isn’t shown as debt on your financial statement. With your borrowing capacity untouched, you will be able to use your credit lines for other expenses and investments.